DEPOSITS are required to book and secure your order. DEPOSITS ARE



The above are a base prices for our regular cakes.  Any custom decorations will be an additional cost.


Wedding Cakes require a MINIMUM of 3 months notice.

 Some cakes may cost $5-$15 more if it requires specialty ingredients.

All of our regular cakes are made with three moist layers and filled with a flavour of your choice that compliments the cake. A minimum of 48 hours to 2 weeks notice is required for regular cake orders. Custom orders require more notice depending on the date; usually a minimum of 6 weeks to 12 weeks notice as our dates book quickly and we can only accommodate so many orders. Regular cakes are simple cakes that are iced with buttercream, cream cheese icing, or ganache, and can be iced to be more fancy or fun to work with your event. Writing on your cakes can be added on the spot, at no additional charge.  Call or email us to check if your desired date is available.

Fondant is a rolled icing that is sweet and a little chewy.  Some people love the taste of it, but mostly people enjoy the way it looks.  Fondant gives your cake a very clean finish, and we make ours from scratch in house. 

All cakes covered in fondant will cost an additional $10-$40, depending on size and amount being used. Any additional fondant decorations will be an added cost.

We are currently booking 1-3 Weeks Notice for Regular Orders, and 8-12 Weeks Notice for Custom Orders.


Custom Cakes are classified as any cake requiring extra attention to detail, extra time spent on decoration, cakes with fondant figurines, sculpted cakes, tiered cakes, and wedding cakes.

Custom cakes are quoted individually according to size and amount of detail required.  These start at $100, although we can create a cake for you to fit within a lower budget, with less detailing.

Custom cakes require minimum 2-3 months notice 

depending on date availability, so that your cake receives the attention necessary to make it spectacular. We only make a certain number of custom cakes for any one date, so ordering as early as possible to reserve your date is recommended.  Wedding cakes require a minimum of 3-6 months notice with a 50% deposit to reserve your date, although if the date is available, we will take shorter notice wedding cakes with payment in full.  For weddings, a minimum order of $250 is required to reserve the date. Most wedding cakes average $500+ depending on details required.  Delivery charges for set-up and delivery average $50 to $100 depending on the location and set-up required.

Sculpted and tiered cakes start at $150 depending on the details. The size and amount of detail required can change the price of your cake. All 3-Dimentional cakes serving 20 people start at $200.

6” round serves 6 to 8  $30    

8” round serves 10 to 12  $40

10” round serves 16 to 20  $55

12” round serves 25 to 30  $70